Harold Nash

Harold Nash
Pastor / Adult Ministries Team Leader

Melia Mason

Melia Mason
Adult Ministries Coordinator

Who should come to MOBILIZE?

MOBILIZE is for:

  • people brand new to FN
  • people who have been here a long time
  • people who are feeling disconnected from church
  • people who want to be the church, not just come on Sundays

Do any of those sound like you? How about these?

I am new to Fellowship North, been coming for a little while, but I still feel like an observer. I want to be a part of this church but am not sure how to get started.

My wife and I have been at Fellowship North for 15+ years; I like this church – things have changed around here since we first started coming but I still like it… I just don’t get why we keep talking about racial unity.

I’m a single mom who’s found Fellowship North and I love bringing my kids here. I’m not really connected to anyone else though; I usually sit by myself. My time is limited but I want this to be my church family. How do I get to know other people here?

I’ve been to a MOO/WOO weekend; it was awesome! And it has awakened something in me. I sit in the back; I come on Sunday mornings (most of the time); is there more to this church thing?

I love seeing people come alive; I want to be a help in mobilizing people at Fellowship North.

My kids are adults now. I have time to invest that I never had before. Where do I fit?

Some people seem really connected here; I don’t feel that. I watch other people in the lobby on Sundays and feel like I’m on the outside of a big family. How do I change that?

Details / Sign up

Mobilize is offered several times a year; each session meets for 5 consecutive Sundays from 10:45 am – 12:00 pm, in the Rafters, and childcare is provided if you need it. Check the Upcoming Events page to see if there is a class coming up, or email Melia Mason and she will let you know when the next one starts.