Small Groups / Studies

Don’t try to go it alone.

We want to help you find community at Fellowship North through a small group or study. Gathering with a smaller group can provide a personal connection with other members of the church, and help you find your place within the larger family of FN, while also encouraging healthy communication and helping you grow. Small groups are all over Fellowship North; here are some places you can start exploring.

I’m new: If you’re new to Fellowship North, the very best place to start connecting with others is in Mobilize.

I’d like to find a small group: There are small groups, usually co-ed and 8-12 people, that meet on an ongoing basis in various locations during the week. Email Melia Mason to find out more.

I’m interested in a specific type of group/study: Small groups are part of our men’s or women’s ministries; there are lots of options to try out there. In addition, we have small groups or studies for: