Find a Small Group

This life of faith is not meant to be lived alone, so we we want to help you find community at Fellowship North. One way to engage in community at FN is through small groups, where we come together and work through topics that interest or affect us.

Small groups offer an important personal connection with other members of the church. They can help you find your place within the larger family of FN, while also encouraging healthy communication and helping you grow.

Every small group is different, but usually they:

  • have 8-12 people
  • meet sometime during the week
  • gather in the church building, or in a home
  • have a particular focus or study
  • serve together

How to find a group:

There are several ways you can get connected to a group.

  • Look through the small groups/studies portion of the connect menu above.
  • Small groups are a big part of our men’s or women’s ministries, so you could explore those areas.
  • If you’re a young adult, there are small group opportunities for college-age and a little older.
  • Check out Mobilize – it’s a great place to meet others who are interested in moving forward, often small groups form out of a class.
  • If you’re comfortable, start your own! There are plenty of great resources available free to you through our membership with RightNowMedia (email Barbara Scorza to get an access invite if you need one).
  • Get more personalized help by contacting Melia Mason using the form below.

I’d like help finding a group