Mission: Nicaragua

July 23 – August 1, 2018

Partnering with with missionaries Brenton and Deborah Witonski

This July, Crossing high school students are going to Palacaguina, where they will help build the Palacaguina Christian Academy, the first bi-lingual Christian school in that city.

Some of the poorest people in Central America live in this area of Nicaragua. This new school has the ability to break the cycle of poverty by giving children an education that will equip them to create better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Crossing hopes to establish a tradition of taking an annual mission trip to Palacaguina while supporting and communicating with the Witonskis and their ministry throughout the year.

We need your help!

We need your prayers –

Please pray for open doors, travel mercies, the hearts and souls of the beautiful people of Palacaguina, and that the Witonskis ministry and our mission will thrive.

We need financial help –

Please consider donating; the per-person cost of the mission trip is $1600, not covering extra money for meals, passport expenses, etc. This is more than most families can handle on their own. Your tax-deductible gift will be used to provide students the amazing opportunity to go and do some glorious work for the Kingdom.


Thank you for supporting Mission: Nicaragua!