Heart At Work: questions for Nehemiah

As we go through Nehemiah, we’ll use a weekly process.

Instead of passage-specific questions, during this series we will go through the same steps with every passage. The three sheets that you find below will walk you through it.

1. Explanation

How to engage with Nehemiah

This explanation sheet will provide you with a process for engaging with our church-wide study of Nehemiah. View or print it for a full description of each step of the process.

2. Sample

See what it looks like with a passage from Ezra

This sample guide demonstrates how working through this process in a passage might look. Your responses may be more simple or more in-depth. It will look different for everyone.

3. Worksheet

Studying Nehemiah; your weekly fill-in page

This blank template works for every week we spend in Nehemiah; just use it with that week’s passage. Print one off and fill it in as you work the process individually or as a group.

Additional Resources

We’ll add resources here throughout the series that provide more in-depth (or sometimes, more humorous) understanding.

Check out this video that gives a great overview of Nehemiah and the time period surrounding it!