Faith & Life Survey

Faith & Life Survey

Finding where faith and life intersect so we can better serve each other

Our staff has worked in conjunction with Congregation Family Services (CSF), based in Chicago, IL, to prepare the Faith and Life Survey (F&LS) for our Fellowship North family.  These surveys are being used world-wide to equip churches to answer the call of the 21st century.

The more participants we have, the more comprehensive the findings will be in determining the needs of our church. Please give yourself about 20 minutes to get through the survey. We want everyone 18 years and older to participate.

CFS will take this information, compile a report of findings, and create an overall view of those individual needs that they will use to help our leadership understand how we can all better serve one another and become stronger in our faith.

Remember, this will only achieve its greatest purpose if everyone is ‘all in!’

Please click the button to take the Fellowship North Faith and Life Survey.