Our staff is here to help you in any way that we can. We’re a diverse group that serves in many different ways, but we all have the same goal: helping you connect to God and to other people.

We have two pastors that are our primary teachers on Sunday mornings. Our Senior Staff team is made up of these pastors and our other team leaders: Donna Hall, Diane Heffington, and Barbara Scorza. Every staff member is a part of one of these teams – Administrative, Adult Ministries, Arts, Fellowship Student Ministries (FSM), or Peak Ministries.

We’ve listed the staff by their team so that you can find someone in the area that interests you.  Please contact us with any questions or just to find out more.


Craig Loibner

Craig Loibner | pastor

Craig is a teaching pastor and leads the staff as a whole.
Craig and his wife, Julie, have been at Fellowship North since the beginning, and Craig came on staff in the church’s 2nd year. Craig loves hiking and being outdoors; when he’s not here you can probably find him at Castle Bluff, our camp in Newton County, AR. Before coming to FN, Craig was on Young Life staff and still loves working with young people; he’s involved with our student ministry camps and leads a backpacking trip in Colorado every summer with our seniors.

Harold Nash

Harold Nash | pastor

Harold is a teaching pastor and leads the adult ministries team.
Harold joined Fellowship North as a pastor in September 2006, after serving as the director of STEP Ministries for 15 years, where he worked with inner city youth. He longs to see people turn their lives over completely to God. Harold grew up in Birdsong, AR and enjoys fishing, hunting, sports, and traveling. He and his wife, Dena, work in many ways to strengthen and support individuals, marriages, and families. They love seeing God work in relationships.


Barbara Scorza

Barbara Scorza | operations

Barbara is the Director of Operations and leads the Administrative Team.
Barbara grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Following Hurricane Katrina, Barbara and her family relocated to North Little Rock where she began coming to FN in January 2006. She oversees everything that happens to keep this place up and running, from facilities to finances to office support. She lives with her 3 grandkids and some feisty backyard chickens. Fun fact: Barbara loves watching old Westerns.

Dee Callahm

Dee Callaham | finance

Dee works in our finance office paying the bills.
Dee is a proud grandmother with a knack for tracking down loose receipts, a skill has she has to use often when dealing with the rest of the staff here. She’s been a part of Fellowship North for 22 years, and also once worked with Harold at STEP Ministries. She loves to zoom around town on her scooter, and travel with her husband Dwight, especially to their cabin. In her spare time, she likes to read, watch sports, and set up new technology at her house!

Julie Loibner

Julie Loibner | finance

Julie works in our finance office keeping the books straight and salaries paid.
Julie and her husband, Craig, were part of the group that helped start Fellowship North in 1984. They have 3 grown children and 9 grandchildren who live all over the place – from just down the street to Chicago to Scotland! She loves to read and to travel – especially to see her family.

Robin Ramsey

Robin Ramsey | office support

Robin is in our front office greeting visitors and answering the phone.
She enjoys interacting with different people, finding something in common to talk about with each one. Robin loves the heart and soul of our church and has been here since she visited with her sister back in 2001. Her favorite things are spending time at the beach or Lake Ouachita with her family, walking (with her two brand new knees!) and watching college basketball, football, and tennis.

Larry Fluharty | facilities

Larry is our Facilities Director.
Larry maintains our facilities, grounds, and vehicles and generally keeps things in order. He’s always around to lend a helping hand to anyone on staff. He enjoys building things and staining glass, and looks forward to having coffee on his front porch with his wife Kathy in the mornings. Together, they also love hosting weekly dinners for our high school juniors and seniors, who like to call him Papa Flu.

Adult Ministries

Melia Mason

Melia Mason | adult & family

Melia leads our Adult & Family Ministries, helping people connect here.
Melia was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. She began attending Fellowship North with her family in 2008 when her husband, Russell came on as a worship leader on Sunday mornings. She loves being creative and using her gifts in her work – which includes welcoming new faces in First Look and Mobilize, helping people find groups, and preparing communion for New Community each month.

Tonia Heckman

Tonia Heckman | special care

Tonia leads our Special Care Ministries, organizing help for people who need it.
Tonia checks in on people at FN who are in need, sick, or hurting; she keeps our church family updated so that we can pray or help with specific needs. Tonia also oversees our partnership in the Amboy Food Pantry and other community outreaches that we participate in (homeless, blood drives, holiday meals). When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her family and friends.

Inés McBryde | Women’s Fellowship

Inés is our Women’s Fellowship Director.
Inés works to connect women all over FN with each other and with God through discipling relationships, small groups, and large teaching times. Inés grew up in Managua, Nicaragua and started coming to Fellowship North in 2008 with her husband, Rob. She also serves as a medical interpreter at ACH, and loves salsa dancing.


Donna Hall

Donna Hall | creative arts

Donna is the team leader for Arts and Hospitality.
Donna works best behind the scenes, putting pieces together to make a complete picture for Sunday morning services and the church as a whole. She helps Fellowship North operate creatively and efficiently in the areas of communication, visual art, worship, and hospitality. She loves good movies, TV, theater, or books, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Sarabeth Jones

Sarabeth Jones | creative & communication

Sarabeth helps plan services and does all kinds of creative work.
Sarabeth works in writing, design, directing, acting, and photography. She also helps communicate things clearly and beautifully through print pieces, our website and weekly email. Sarabeth grew up in NLR, where she visited FN a few times in high school and then came home to it when she moved back to Arkansas after college. She’s a big fan of the beach, cute umbrella drinks, her husband Bryan, their kids, and their very large dog. Oh, and of course she blogs.

Andrew Calaway | communication

Andrew designs our program, posters, and print pieces.
Andrew makes sure we know what is going on around FN through our weekly program, lobby tables and posters, and many other print pieces. He also works at Mugs and can cook a lovely meal for you if you visit him there. He has been a part of this church since he was a student here, and loves to spend his free time with his wife Erin and their baby Joni.

Cathy Lamb

Cathy Lamb | hospitality

Cathy takes care of people inside and outside of our building.
Cathy makes sure everyone feels welcomed here and that we eat well! She plans and provides meals for events, oversees the coffee bar, and leads the hospitality team. She also coordinates meals for our unsheltered neighbors. Her summers are spent with Good Eats, our neighborhood feeding program that runs for 9 weeks while school is out. In addition to all that, she’s a realtor with Crye-Leike! Her favorite things include playing with her grandkids and going on early morning walks.

Dena Nash

Dena Nash | worship arts

Dena coordinates our worship team & leaders.
Dena has a passion for worship and has loved music since she was a child growing up in Cleveland, Arkansas. She also loves working in marriage ministries with couples, learning about communication and how to put God first in their lives. Dena is married to our pastor, Harold; they started coming to Fellowship North in 2006. She loves reading historical fiction and playing board games – watch out though, we hear she’s pretty competitive!

Russell Mason

Russell Mason | worship arts

Russell leads worship, singing and playing piano.
Russell grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and works full-time as a lead architect at Southwest Power Pool in addition to leading worship here at FN. He and his wife Melia came to Fellowship North in 2008 along with their 3 kids. Russell loves spending time with his family, vacationing, and watching movies.

Shane Warbington | worship arts

Shane leads worship – singing, playing guitar and occasionally the drums.
Shane grew up as a preacher’s kid in El Dorado and has plenty of funny stories to prove it (really, just ask). In addition to leading worship here at Fellowship North, he leads at PrayNow in North Little Rock. Shane loves spending time with his family, especially hiking with his son and being PopPop to his two precious granddaughters.

Fellowship Student Ministries (FSM)

Diane Heffington

Diane Heffington | FSM & Women’s Fellowship 

Diane is the team leader for FSM and Women’s Fellowship.
Diane was invited to FN by years ago her mother-in-law’s oncology nurse, Carol Grant, and they are both still a vibrant part of our church family. She came when we still met at the YMCA, and says that immediately “I knew I was home.” She grew up in Bauxite and loves a challenge – her latest ones have been walking adventures in England, Scotland, and Spain. Diane is a compassionate, energetic leader and advocate for women and children.

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller | WeeRock

Michelle takes care of our littlest kids (infants-preschool) in WeeRock.
Michelle loves HGTV and secretly plans to become the next Chip & Joanna Gaines with her husband, Shane. She also loves being at FN, where she gets to show our smallest members the love of Jesus by caring for them and working through a curriculum created just for their ages. In fact, by the time these kids leave her area, they’ve learned all the major stories of the Bible!

Jennifer Hosted

Jennifer Holsted | ROCK Ministries

Jennifer directs our programs for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade.
Jennifer knows there’s nothing more thrilling then seeing God at work around you and through you, and she wants our elementary kids to know it too. She grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and first visited Fellowship North with a friend when she was 25. Jennifer loves discovering hole-in-the-wall places to eat, watching her son Jackson do his thing, and sitting on her back deck with friends.

Melanie Shelton

Melany Shelton | Rock Ministries

Melany coordinates our Sunday morning activities for elementary students.
Our kids have a great story, games, and worship every Sunday because Melany has planned it for them. She loves working here with “real people with real life problems.” She would like to clarify that she does not write Harold or Craig’s sermons, although one of them is her favorite pastor. Melany also enjoys good books (especially at the beach), practical jokes, and beating her friends at card games.

Krecia Hicks

Krecia Hicks | Childcare Coordinator

Krecia coordinates childcare for kids while their parents attend events at FN.
Krecia and her family came here because they wanted to invest deeply in a church in their own community, and now she helps other parents to be invested here by providing care for their kids. She treasures how people here really care about what’s happening in her life and will pray earnestly about it. Krecia loves relaxing outside and working with her hands: painting, crafting, gardening.


Andrew Whitley

Andrew Whitley | Peak Ministries

Andrew hangs out with and teaches middle and high school students. 
He came to Fellowship North with his wife Emily when they moved back to NLR because she had been involved with the youth group here as a student. He loves that around here, no one is pretending to be something they’re not. One of his favorite things to do at work is to pop into people’s offices unexpectedly and visit – especially Larry Fluharty’s. Oh, and he enjoys dancing; ask him to demonstrate next time you see him.

Robby Earle | Peak Ministries worship & facilities

Robby leads worship for middle and high school students & helps maintain our building. 
Robby splits his time here between two teams: he assists Larry in cleaning and upkeep of our facilities while also planning and leading worship with students. Originally from Louisiana, he moved to NLR with his wife, Kandace, and their dog Samwise. He loves to geek out over theology and (you guessed it!) Lord of the Rings.