30 Days of Stories: Day 11

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’re telling 30 stories of God’s faithfulness in and through Fellowship North. You can read all the stories here.

There’s a great legacy at Fellowship North of students coming to this church, hearing the Gospel clearly for the first time, falling in love with Christ, committing their lives to Him, and then helping lead their parents to Jesus as well. What a beautiful story for so many to have. I consider it a privilege and joy for that to be my story.

I first showed up at Fellowship North in 8th grade. And after giving my life to Christ at a Castle Bluff camp, I came home excited to tell my mom, “I’m a Christian now!” Neither one of us really knew what that meant, but her eyes lit up because mine did.

Over the next few years, my mom would come to church now and again. And she couldn’t have been more grateful for how the student ministry was impacting my life. But she still hadn’t taken the leap of Faith on her own. Although I was hopeful and prayerful that God would work in and through her even as I went off to college.

Slowly but surely, step by step, mom began to dip her toes into the water. As I moved back to North Little Rock in March of 2008 to help lead student ministries, I began to see God leading my mother to Him in even bigger ways. She bought a bible – pink, of course — joined a community group, attended church weekly, and served at camps, but more importantly, she fell in love with Christ. And my mom’s faith wasn’t her son’s faith…it was her own.

As I reflect here on Mother’s Day on what a blessing my mom has been to me these past 30 years, there’s no greater gift she could have given me than giving her own life to Christ several years ago. And though nothing tops that, this last thing is about as close as anything could get:

You see, I was so un-churched when I came to Christ as a middle schooler that I never got baptized. And as the years passed, that remained the same. But in June of 2008, as my mom committed her life to Christ, she decided to get baptized. And so did I. A decade after I’d given my heart to Jesus, I was able to dip my toes into the baptism pool at Fellowship North and be baptized in the same service as my mom. There was light in both of our eyes once more, only this time, we both knew why! We’d both seen the Light, the glory of the one and only, our Savior, full of grace and truth.

God writes good stories, doesn’t he? I consider it a privilege and joy for that to be my story. For that to be our story – the story of my mother and me.


bobbyToday’s story is by Bobby Harrison.

Bobby is the Pastor to Students at Fellowship North. He started coming to the this church in 8th grade and it’s been his home ever since. He’s married to Amy and they have 3 year-old Abe and 1 1/2 year-old twins Simone and Samuel.



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