30 Days of Stories: Day 2

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’re telling 30 stories of God’s faithfulness in and through Fellowship North. You can read all the stories here.

I was 25 years old when we first came to Fellowship North. And my mom thought that, possibly, I was joining a cult. Coming from a strong denominational church background, moving to a start-up group that met in a YMCA, in the 1980’s…. I can understand her concern.

But it was exciting and new to me. We had gotten to know Craig and Julie in YoungLife and were volunteering alongside them at that point in one of NLR’s YoungLife clubs. We had dinner with their family once a week. They were some of the most committed Christ-followers I knew. And joining them in this venture was the next step for us.

It was the right step for us. But I had no idea what the next 25 years would bring. My husband became the part-time, then full-time, worship leader here. We jumped into all phases of helping a church get started. And it was fun, and adventurous, and we were young and energetic and willing to try most anything.

Twenty-five years later a few things have changed.

IMG_1777I have three sons who were all born as a part of this church. Twenty-five years ago they weren’t even born! Now they are 24, 20, and 17. They have been loved and cared for here, mentored by men and women, stepping into a faith of their own as they move into adulthood.

I was married – and naive about what a challenge it is to make a marriage work. We didn’t make it. Back then I was harsh and judgmental about divorced people. Now, I know my own brokenness more fully and am grateful for a better grasp on grace and mercy.

I was a school teacher 25 years ago; in 1999, I came on staff at Fellowship North. That I’ve been given a place to work that matches my gifts and abilities is one of the most amazing things to me. I’m not so young and energetic anymore, but I’m still willing to try most anything!IMG_1178

My friendships used to be one color. When Harold and Dena Nash came to join us here in 2006, my understanding of the gospel began to be challenged. My white world became more rich and colorful, and I am so grateful.

In 1989, I was a broken person in need of redemption. I just didn’t know at that point how much. Now, I am still a broken person, but my brokenness has been redeemed.

And my mom? She doesn’t think we’re a cult anymore. She has seen the redemptive work of Christ in my life and the lives of her grandsons.

And this is what I love most about Fellowship North. When I look at the branches hanging in the auditorium this month, I see my story, my brokenness, being brought to life through the cross. It’s what I see every Sunday when I look at the people who make up this congregation.

We are all redemptive works.


Donna Hall, 30 stories at Fellowship NorthToday’s story is by Donna Hall.

Donna is the Arts team leader at Fellowship North, where she is responsible for the areas of service planning, worship, communication, and hospitality. She is at her best when she’s behind the scenes, pulling strings together – helping all the different pieces weave into something beautiful. In other words, she knows a LITTLE about a LOT of things and likes to help people SHINE.

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