30 Days of Stories: Day 22

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’re telling 30 stories of God’s faithfulness in and through Fellowship North. You can read all the stories here.

We’ve been at Fellowship North for 6 years; JonJon was 2 weeks old the first time we visited. This church has been nothing but a blessing to us.

We got here through Harold and Dena Nash; we actually met them on their last Sunday at Mosaic Church. There was this instant connection and we wondered if we were supposed to go with them. It felt like we were supposed to get to know them. Russell said to me, “If it’s God’s will for us to connect with them, it will happen.” And then later on, Dena led lead a women’s conference that Russell did the music for, and that’s when she found out he could sing, and Fellowship North was looking for a worship leader.

Actually music has always been one thread that binds Russell and I together: it’s how we met. We both had choral scholarships to Philander Smith, which meant we did a choir concert together just about every week while we were in college. We both grew up singing, in church and in high school.

russell-meliaRecently, we got to host a concert here. There were lots of our old friends who came that night, and when it was over they made a beeline over to us. “This is where you go? We had no idea this was even here!” Doing that – being able to bring people here, to share that experience – it was such an honor and a blessing.


Melia MasonToday’s story is by Melia Mason.

Melia began attending Fellowship North 6 years ago when her husband of 15 years, Russell, joined the Programming/Worship team as a worship leader. A native of Little Rock, Melia has worked as a graduate assistant-instructor at UALR in the Rhetoric and Writing department. Her career also includes working as a Publications Editor for Leisure Arts, a Southern-Living subsidiary, AR Children’s Hospital, and St. Vincent Infirmary. She is currently serving as an Adult Ministries Coordinator here at FN. She and Russell have three children, Joshua, 12, Aijilán, 10, and Jonathan, who is five.


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