30x30FN: 30 ways to celebrate

Our 30th anniversary is coming up June 1, and we’re going to spend the next month gearing up for the celebration. Here’s 30 ways to celebrate our 30 years!

1. Lead a serving project May 24-26

We’re having another no-church-serve-our-community Sunday, and since it’s a holiday weekend, we thought we’d let the fun go on all weekend long! Have an idea? We’d love for you to sign up (by May 4) to lead a project. Click here to sign up online or visit the lobby table.

2. Hang out at the Young Adult Retreat: May 9-10

Are you young? And an adult? Come spend the night at the Boultinghouse farm with other people who are also young. And adult.

3. Be here every Sunday between now and June 1

We don’t have any gold stars to give out, but there will be lots going on all month – and you don’t want to miss any of it!

4. Sign up for Summer Sundays

Our student ministry volunteers are amazing. They serve our nursery-elementary kids through the entire school year calendar, so we like to give them the summer off. Help give them a break by signing up to serve our kids on one or more Sundays during the summer months – look for the Summer Sundays table in the lobby, or email Diane Heffington.

5. Give toward the Kenya mission trip

There are 2 groups from FN heading to Migori in June – medical (June 5-15) and VBS (June 19-29). That’s a lot of people, and a lot of work to do. Can you help? Click here to donate and choose Kenya Mission Trip after you type in the amount.

6. Celebrate Love: May 9

Married and engaged couples, come enjoy a fun date night! Dinner in the Landing from 6:30-8:30 pm, childcare if you need it, all for $20/couple. Look for the lobby table or click here to sign up.

7. Bring boxes of cereal for Amboy Food Pantry

Simply drop them off in the bin in the lobby by the Food Pantry sign and help feed our community.

8. Read 30 stories about Fellowship North

Every day in May, we will share stories of God’s faithfulness to and through Fellowship North. You can read them on our blog or get them delivered to your inbox by signing up here.

9. Feed the Homeless: May 18

Be a part of the team this month – you can cook or you can go with a group and serve under the Broadway Bridge on Sunday morning. Or both! Find out how at the table in the lobby.

10. Help serve lunch on June 1

We’re having a party on our anniversary; want to help out? Email Cathy Lamb by May 18 (if you’d rather sign up in person, there will be a lobby table that day).

11. Sign up for Good Eats

Our summer of food and fun is about to begin, and you want to be a part of it all. Sign up in the lobby and let’s live out our commitment to our community!

12. Give toward the auditorium makeover

Exciting things are in store for our building that will make our space more appealing and useful on Sunday mornings. Can you help? Click here to donate and choose Facility Fund after you type in the amount.

13. Sing in the choir on June 1

We’re having a party on our anniversary; want to sing? Email Dena Nash by May 18 and let her know.

14. Buy a t-shirt

Pick one up in the lobby. Wear it with your family and friends. Enjoy all the compliments. You look really nice today.

15. Hashtag it! #30x30FN

Wearing your cute t-shirt? Serving with a group? Celebrating with everyone June 1? We want to know! Use the hashtag on your posts all month long so we can share in the goodness together.

16. Get baptized on June 1

We’re having a party on our anniversary, want to get baptized? Seriously, we think that one of the best ways we can celebrate together is by publicly marking God’s goodness through baptism. If you want to take part, come to one of the baptism classes on May 4 or 18!

17. Stop by First Look on a Sunday morning

First Look happens in the glassed in room next the mission wall. If you’re new, it’s a great place to say hello, meet a pastor, or even ask a question. If you’re not new, well, it’s a great place to meet someone who is!

18. Sign up for STEP summer mentoring

STEP ministries is doing fantastic things in our community, serving students by placing them in mentoring relationships. Sounds great, right? Try it out, be a mentor for 3 days in the STEP summer program. Sign up on May 18 at the table in the lobby.

19. Give toward the Honduras mission trip

35 folks from FN are headed to Honduras in August. That’s a lot of people, and a lot of work to do. Can you help? Click here to donate and choose Honduras Mission Trip after you type in the amount.

20. Come to New Community on May 21

(Bonus points if it’s your first time!) Celebrate our seniors at this special service – we’ll worship together and take communion, too. Dinner at 5:30 pm, service at 6:30 pm.

21. Join a serving project team May 24-26

We’re having another no-church-serve-our-community Sunday, and since it’s a holiday weekend, we thought we’d let the fun go on all weekend long! (Does this sound familiar? It should. It’s the same as #1. Basically, if you’re not leading, you should join a team that someone else is leading.) Hooray! Let’s be good to our city as a reflection of how good God has been to us!

22. Be a part of On Display May 29

Get creative – bring your visual art or a performance piece to On Display. Or, simply join us that evening to enjoy the work of artists in our family at FN. If you want to bring your art, email Sarabeth Jones by May 25.

23. Pray each day for Fellowship North’s leaders

Everyone who leads needs help, so take this month and pray for the people who lead at FN in all sorts of ways, in all kinds of ministries.

24. Learn the vision statement with hand motions

These words sum up what we are all about. All the elementary students are learning it this month, along with some great motions. Get a kid to teach you, too!

25. Visit another church where you are the minority

In our journey to racial unity, it’s helpful to intentionally be the minority at times. If your serving project the weekend of May 24-26 doesn’t fall on Sunday morning, you might want to try this out then.

26. Swing a hammer or send cash to help finish the Summit Lodge

We are still working to finish the Summit Lodge. Want to work? Email Craig Loibner and let him know. Want to donate?  Click here to donate and choose Castle Bluff Summit Lodge after you type in the amount.

27. Slap a new sticker on

Fun new stickers are coming soon! Use them on your water bottle, your laptop, your car, your little brother…

28. MOBILIZE yourself

MOBILIZE is a five week session designed to get you moving in your relationship with God and His work. Our next class will be this fall, but it’s not too early to go ahead and sign up now!

29. Get official with our new database

There are a lot of us around here, and we have lots of information to keep track of – and great news, things are about to get smoother and easier! A new database system is being set up right now, and soon you’ll be able to access it and put in all your latest info (and maybe a selfie). Also, you’ll be able to connect with other people and ministries at FN. Watch for instructions coming soon!

30. Bring a friend to church June 1

We’re having a party on our anniversary; why don’t you bring a friend? It’ll be great, see you there!


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