50 little hands help haiti

Berit Kimrey, who works for Heifer International and also spends quite a bit of time hanging out with elementary age kids at FN on Sunday mornings, recently had a very hands-on experience as a part of an effort to help with the crisis in Haiti.  It’s a great story, and you can read all about how our kids reached out here on her blog.  Here’s an excerpt:

here’s the crazy part. i had 85 items in my basket at the dollar tree.  you can imagine the groans that i got when i rolled up to the checkout- because that’s alot of stuff to run across the scanner.  and everyone seemed to quiet when someone asked: are you refurbishing a hospital? and i replied: no, these are for haitian relief.

One of the things I (Sarabeth) love about this project is that it was done by our Base Camp kids. If you don’t have a kid in Base Camp, you may never have heard of it, because it was started simply as the fix to a problem.  Many of us adults who are around for both services on Sunday morning had elementary school aged kids who ended up attending their service twice.  Great fun for them, but not so fun for the 10:40 service teachers faced with a small but vocal crowd who knew all the answers to the questions already.

So Basecamp was created for those kids, and far from being programmed as a fix to a problem, it has flourished as a place for those kids to go deeper in their faith. As a parent of kids who love Base Camp, I am deeply grateful for the people who have put their time and hearts into that part of Sunday mornings. Now, go read the rest of Berit’s post and see what those crazy kids are up to!

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