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Today’s advent conspiracy post is written by Bailey Via. Bailey is a senior at NLRHS and an occasional rapper.

This season leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas has been somewhat of a reminder to me. A reminder that some people don’t have. Whether it be that they don’t have food, clothes, shelter, necessary care, or things in general, I have been struck recently with the realization that lots of folks go without. One person in my life in particular has shown me this recently, and I would love to share his story.

I have this class at school called Fitness for Life, but we jokingly refer to it as “Fitness for Death.” It is an awful class to say the least. There is one kid in there who manages to grab my attention every time we arrive at the gym. He looks like an NBA basketball player that belongs in the 1980s, it’s quite funny. He is a quirky little guy who bounces around chatting with everyone in the class, whether they want to chat or not. He’s very personable.

One class period, this kid told some of us a little bit about his life, and from then on, we kept getting light glimpses of what he has to face at home. He told us that his mom’s boyfriend hits his mom all the time – that the boyfriend once got so mad at this guy that he threw a microwave at him and put him in the hospital, and he was not looking forward to seeing him come home from the hospital. He tells us all the time about his brothers and sisters – I think he has 8 altogether – and how each of them is caught up in making bad decisions and ruining his family.

He wears the same clothes every day.

This is going to sound super cliche, maybe like a movie about high school or something, but oh well. Everyone in the class always makes fun of this kid and when we work out, no one wants to stand next to him. He is different, but it’s not his fault. He seems like a little punk kid on the surface, but I think I might be the only one who actually believes that his home life has a lot to do with how he interacts with people away from home.

His nagging and constant chattering is annoying to most of our classmates, but I know he just needs someone to talk to. Someone to listen. Some to look at him in a way that lets him know that he matters. That he is loved by someone.

That’s why I have decided that I’m going to save up whatever money I can this Christmas and have our fitness coach give it to him as an anonymous gift. I have no clue what he’ll do with it, but at least he will have something this year, and not get left behind in his family’s busy Christmas shuffle. He will have something from someone who cares about him.

It is amazing to me how one person has had such an impact on my life this season, and shown me how important a simple gift can be. Just the gift of someone’s time, someone’s ears, someone’s smile, is enough for some people who never receive such simple things. I hope that this year he will receive – and his heart will be as full of joy as mine is.


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