all colors, one prayer, one God

Inés McBryde is the coordinator for Women’s Ministries at Fellowship North. Each Monday, women from FN meet to study, pray, and worship together (this group is called The Gathering). This last Monday, they had a special time of prayer and Inés was touched by the scene playing out in front of her. She wanted to share about it:

Monday night at The Gathering the women had an incredible time of prayer for healing over a 2 month-old baby, Scarlet. Her parents are members of Iglesia Betel, the Hispanic church meeting in our building. They shared their testimony of hearing God calling them in their lives, but not taking those steps toward Him, making promises to God, but not fulfilling them. After several years of trying to conceive, God blessed them with a baby, but Scarlet was born with lots of medical problems: cleft palate. breathing problems, infections, high risk surgeries. This child brought them to their knees begging God for mercy and healing. With God’s shower of blessings and answers to prayer in His own time, came salvation, forgiveness, redemption, freedom from guilt and shame, hope, strength, and dependence on prayer. We listened in two languages, but we heard with one heart, the one Christ united us in. All glory be to Him!
Rob [Inés’ husband] took this next picture and I was moved by it. It looks like heaven. We all surrounded this sweet family from El Salvador who had just told us of the wonderful things God had done and we became one in prayer. Became ONE. Before the throne. Black. White. Hispanic. Wheelchair. Newborn. Inbetween. Mature. I had chills in my heart.
Miracles continue to happen as we bend our knees. The greatest miracle being that we are changed when we pray; we trust a good, loving, and beautiful God.
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