Auditorium Makeover Update – July 2014

We want to update you on the renovations in the auditorium. Phase one will begin on Sunday, July 27, and will include the removal of the pews, new flooring, new seating, new sheetrock and paint on the lower walls.

IMG_1285We have collected a little over $72,000 and these are the steps we are able to take at this time. Below, you can find the projects we will continue to raise money towards.

On Sunday, July 27, following the morning services, we will have a pew removal party! You can be a part of this by signing up with David Holsted in the lobby or by email: The only requirements are that you are able to listen to and follow instructions, and you are 13 years old or older. We’ll provide you lunch and instructions.

For a few Sundays, this means we will meet for services upstairs in the Lookout and elevate will meet in the Landing.

IMG_1297You can continue to give towards the renovations by clicking here and choosing “30th Anniversary Auditorium Makeover” or by writing “auditorium makeover’ in the memo portion of your check. To complete the other projects (Phase two) listed below, our estimate is an additional $250,000 (this would include the lighting changes both for the seating area and the stage at an estimated cost of $100,000). We will not borrow money for this project but will proceed as funds are available.

There will be several 6’ pews available following the pew removal. For a donation of $500 towards the renovations, you can have a Fellowship North pew as your very own. Interested? Email Larry Fluharty to claim one of these.

Phase one: (begins July 27 with money we’ve already collected)
new flooring
new seating that is more flexible – replace the pews with chairs
new sheetrock and a fresh coat of paint

Phase two: (begins once we have enough money)
reconfiguring the stage space and storage behind stage for better use of space
new lighting for both the stage and seating areas, to make it more efficient and effective
dual screens
new video capability for web-streaming
mens lobby restroom renovation (the ladies got this several years ago; we’d like to bring the guys up to date too)

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