Camps, camps, and more camps!

If you’ve been hanging around Fellowship North lately, you know that there is a LOT going on with our middle and high school students. Camps are quickly approaching and we want to make sure you are in the loop! If you are interested in finding out more about the events below, contact Taido Chino or Bobby Harrison at 771.1117.

The New Year is here and we’re already marking up calendars here at Fellowship North.  We have a big 2011 planned for our students with plenty of opportunities for them to grow in their relationship with God.  This year may prove to be a little different than last, or even the last few, but we’re asking you to be open to some new ideas this New Year.


LSD @ Castle Bluff – FEB 11-13

Love, Sex, and Dating Camp:  It’s an incredible opportunity for students to hear what the Bible has to say about such a critical topic.  Also, if you’ve never experienced the Bluff in the winter, you’re missing out!


SNOWCAMP @ Copper Mountain – MARCH 20-26

Another year, another great trip to the mountains.  This go-around we’re headed to one of Colorado’s finest.  Better yet, we’re staying right on the mountain.  First time?  4th time?  Doesn’t matter.  You won’t want to miss it.



First things first:  there will be no DCAMP or HS Mission Trip this year, certainly not in the way that we normally think about those trips.  But we still believe discipleship and mission are incredibly significant for our students.  That is why we are headed to Kids Across America this summer.

A handful of our students and leaders have been to KAA camps in the past and come back with one thing in mind:  we need to give all of our students the opportunity to experience this.  Well here’s that opportunity.

KAA’s mission is “to build Christian leaders by encouraging, equipping, and empowering them.”  Discipleship is woven right into their fabric.  Our church’s mission is “to mobilize a racially-unified family of God, called out as the presence of Jesus in our world, to pursue His mission: all people reconciled to God.”  KAA is a predominantly urban youth camp, with a focus largely towards inner-city students.  By bringing our mostly suburban youth into this environment, we’re hoping to see God stretch and grow this generation into caring about one thing:  loving God and loving people.

Discipleship and Mission will right at the forefront of what we do this summer.  No doubt about it.  It may look different than it has in the past, but we believe this could be 2011’s biggest strength.  Join us in this new journey.

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