Castle Bluff Stories, part 3

During this Castle Bluff season, we’re reminiscing about about our favorite moments/memories from “the bluff”.


Amy Harrison says:

I have so many memories of Castle Bluff that the thought of telling you may favorite is overwhelming. I’ll say that the mere thought of the place gives me the same feeling you might get when thinking of “home” if yours is a good one.

One of my sweetest memories is of sitting on “the point” (the original) and having deep discussions, as deep as 7th graders can get, with Seth Walker. A group of us had all crowded and huddled on the last level of the deck (probably the size of good-sized deep freezer). We were pointing out shooting stars and constellations and singing songs and talking.  Seth and I got into a discussion about life and we stayed there long after everyone else had left. I remember talking about a roller coaster as a metaphor for life and feeling like the idea was completely original. Regardless, I always felt a connection with him after that point, like we just kind of understood each other, and I can still picture us hanging our legs over the edge.

I could list countless conversations like this with other people. I could also talk about campfire songs and s’mores, giant games of mission impossible and sardines, the “birth canal”, ponca, fears of rappelling and the ropes course, countless encounters with God, and more. But I won’t.

I have so many memories of Castle Bluff…and counting.

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