Christmas Stories: Day 11

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Did you know that the shepherds cheerfully skipped, arm in arm, to Bethlehem to find Jesus? They did. Actually it was more of a running/skipping combo, but they did it all the way to Bethlehem.

Okay, that’s probably not true. But I like to imagine that they did. Because how else is one supposed to move when filled with so much enthusiasm and anticipation? There they were, in the fields, keeping watch over their flocks, when suddenly the glory of the Lord shone around them. The glory of the Lord. Can you imagine? And the news delivered by an angel of the Lord—that the Savior has been born—must have filled their hearts with such great joy. I’d also like to imagine that while skipping, they sang all the way to Bethlehem. Songs of excitement and happiness, praising God all the way. For let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!

How many of our cherished Christmas carols were inspired by that moment? When I think of Christmas, I think of the music. I think of the beautiful vocals and instrumental sounds that surround this beloved holiday. I think of the countless Christmas Eves spent at my Grandma’s house. We have the traditional festivities: food, games, Christmas movies, and gift exchange, each of which has been reshaped for me as my generation grows older, enters the ranks of parenthood, and has been replaced with a new crop of children and grandchildren. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our tradition of singing. We all gather around my Grandma’s piano and sing Christmas carols together as she merrily plays. We even have our own hymnals. Well, they’re binders stuffed with our favorite hymns, carols, and holiday songs, but we pretend they’re hymnals. Why not? We eagerly flip through the binder and shout out our requests.

“Go tell it on the mountain, #60!”

“What Child is this, #17!”

We sing as loudly and proudly as we can. Our mouths are filled with His praise, as we come into his presence with singing! The singing tradition lives on in my family, even though the room can’t hold us all anymore. Even though I can’t hit the high notes like my aunt or get the timing right on “Down on my knees” like my dad, I proudly sing because that’s what we’re called to do. The Bible tells us so many times to sing to God.

So the next time you are in church, or in your car, or in your Grandma’s family room on Christmas Eve huddled around the piano, turn your face towards the heavens and allow yourself to feel the excitement that the shepherds must have felt. Fill the air with songs of praise to God for sending us a Savior that we so desperately needed.

2014-11-08_10.14.38Today’s story is by Jennifer Neal.

“I am an elementary school teacher by trade, but currently stay home to raise my beautiful daughter, Harper, born in August 2013. When I’m not chasing her around, you’ll find me reading, writing, crafting, and keeping the house clean livable. My husband, Geoffrey, and I started attending Fellowship North this past spring. After completing Mobilize, we knew Fellowship North was home.”

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