Crystal’s 60/60 story

This was originally posted on Crystal’s personal blog; she gave me permission to repost it here.  Thanks, Crystal!

Well this week has been extremely challenging to say the least. Craig (our pastor) preached on acknowledging / meeting God every 60 minutes for 60 days. Well I thought about this, and said “Yes I’ll do it”. The first few hours were difficult. “What am I supposed to talk to God about?” I do well talking in the morning on the way to work and in the evenings before bed, and at meal times, but every 60 minutes- I thought this was going to be “okay”. So I devised a plan. Start the day with praises and acknowledgment, and end with petitions. Every hour I set an alarm through my outlook calendar that syncs with my blackberry so every hour I get a ding— ding— ding—. My co-workers think I’m getting a lot of text messages because when at work it is set on vibrate. This thing has gone off at work, in the grocery store, at soccer practice (when I set it to ‘Pray for Jacob’) while cooking, surfing the web, whatever. I stop for 2 minutes to acknowledge my creator (and no I don’t always pray with my eyes shut)…from 7am – 10pm…I pray the following things…One topic / hour…

Remember God- Slow down and listen
Ask God to show himself to me
Remember what God has made in nature
Remember God’s Faithfulness
Petition to God to direct my path
Remember God’s Awesome Glory
Remember how God has blessed me so far
The Sick and Hungry
Our Economy
Our Government
Our Children’s Spouses
Our Friends
Our Spouse

This formula has helped me have a topic to talk about. It’s working for me, although I’m being tempted by SIN, I have not given in and it is a struggle (other than being overwhelmed and letting stress get the bigger handle on me and taking it out on Adam*). Doing this does remind me that I am loved no matter what I do. And I am constantly thinking more positive thoughts about other individuals than usual. I want for you to listen to his radical message online if you haven’t heard it (link below). It might just change the way you think about God, and Doing life together with him every 60 minutes. He made you, is there a reason why you two can’t be close? I don’t talk to my parents every day or even every week…but they are my earthly parents, but God is my eternal parent and I need to acknowledge him as the creator of all. He is very cool, as the boys would put it. Are you ready for a soul revolution?

[sermon link]

*Adam knew I was stressed. I don’t know if it was because of my constant nagging and loud voice or by my physical features, my large black bags under my eyes and my new white hairs sticking out. He let me go to bed Thursday night by 8:30 and he did the dishes and laundry, I woke up late Friday…and felt very refreshed…time to start anew.

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