Daughters of Hope update from India

Molly & Dylan Fila are missionaries that FN supports – they live in India and help women and children through their business Daughters of Hope. You may remember hearing from then at New Community earlier this year. This week we got an update from them, which follows:

Dear Fellowship North,

We have started discipleship groups at Daughters of Hope this month. Because we have had several women come to know the Lord over the past year, there is a need for teaching and discipleship. We have about 18 women in these groups.

You may remember one of our women’s stories from last year. Like 90% of our women at Daughters of Hope, she has come from a very strong Hindu background and did not know anything about Jesus or Christianity. She joined Daughters of Hope about a year ago, and the very first week that she joined our group, she had a vision. She came to us the very next day and was really disturbed by this vision. She told us, ‘Last night I had a vision of a man with his arms outspread from his body. I didn’t know who he was. He was bleeding from his wrists and around the top of his head. Who is this man? Do you have any idea?’ So, ya, we had an idea. Talk about an open door to share about Jesus. Seriously!

So this is Sulochana. She has since given her life to Jesus. This month she was SO excited to learn more about Jesus and was excited to start the discipleship group. The only problem was that her husband was 100% against her learning about Jesus. He barely tolerated her coming to work at our Christian company. The only reason he did was because of the good salary that she was earning. He would allow her to work, but he would not allow her to learn about Jesus. So the night before our first discipleship group the two of them fought late into the night. The next morning she wanted to take her Bible to work with her for the group meeting, and he told her, ‘You say there is truth in this book; then I am going to keep it here with me and read it. You don’t know how to read anyway, why do you want to take it with you??? You go and I will read. I’m sorry for fighting with you about it last night.’ He then opened the Bible to the Psalms (just by chance) and started reading.

Sulochana was the only one in the group this week who didn’t have her Bible. But I think that is as good of an excuse as any for not bringing your Bible to discipleship group.

— Dylan Fila


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