Elevate Lock In – 2019

Up all night…sounds fun, right?

THE LOCK-IN IS FULL! Registration has been closed.

It’s time for the annual Elevate Lock In! Full of food, games and fun, including: gaga ball, dodgeball, sardines, the Worst Talent Show and outings to the Skatium and Vortex Arcade. We’ll even have a chill quiet room if you want a break.

8 pm – 8 am Jan 18-19 in the Lookout at Fellowship North.

Includes activities around town; students will leave Fellowship North (under the supervision of a leader, of course).

What & What Not To Bring

  1. pillow and sleeping bag (if you plan to sleep)
  2. PERSONAL WATER BOTTLE (we will not use disposable cups!)
  3. good attitude
  4. do NOT bring: drugs, weapons, vapes, alcohol, knives, etc.
  5. students who do not follow rules or instructions WILL be dismissed from the Lock In.

Cost: $50

There are scholarships available, just talk to Stephen Ray.