Fellowship North Community Christmas Shop

For a number of years, Fellowship North has been actively involved in the River City Christmas Store @ the STEP gym in Eastgate. The idea behind this store is to enable and empower parents to be gift-givers to their children. New toys are donated by local churches and then parents are allowed to shop for these toys at greatly reduced prices. During the shopping experience, these parents have the opportunity to pray with someone about their needs as a family. Many of us have participated by giving toys or volunteering at the store.

We are glad to say we are still involved at the River City store, but we have also dreamed about having a store like this in our neighborhood, for the families we are
christmas-shop involved with at Pike View and Summertree and in our area. This year, we are having our first Fellowship North Community Christmas Shop. It is modeled after the River City concept and will enable parents to purchase gifts for their children at greatly reduced prices.

Both of these stores take place on the same weekend, December 14-15.

  • River City Christmas Store is Saturday, Dec. 14 at STEP’s gym in Eastgate
  • Fellowship North Community Christmas Shop is Sunday, Dec.15 upstairs in the Lookout

Beginning this weekend in the lobby, you can pick up shopping lists and/or volunteer to help at either store. We will collect the toys together and then share them at both locations. This opportunity is one you can invite others to join us in; we have found it to be a great way to share with families in need.

We hope you’ll stop by and see us this weekend!

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