Get to know: Alicia Emmerling

It’s a good thing Alicia Emmerling and Michelle Miller like each other. They share a small office downstairs at Fellowship North. Also, they share a job. Together, Alicia and Michelle are co-directors of WeeROCK (Alicia being the newest part of that team). WeeROCK is FN’s area for our very youngest people (birth – 4 years). On Sunday mornings, the middle floor of the Rock building is full of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. More than 30 volunteers staff the classrooms each week, caring for the kids and leading them in crafts and activities planned especially for their ages. Alicia, along with Michelle, leads and coordinates it all.

Alicia and her husband, Sam, have been at FN since 2001, and she says that one of the reasons she wanted to take this job was the impact that WeeROCK had on her own family. There are 4 Emmerling kids: Thomas (21), Evan (13), Chloe (9), and Samantha (4). When the Emmerlings first came to FN, Evan was only 2, meaning he went to WeeROCK. A little later, Thomas began to volunteer there. Now their youngest will graduate out of WeeROCK this spring. “It’s been such a tremendous ministry to all of our kids,” says Alicia.

Previously, Alicia has worked as a nurse, and then has spent the last few years at home with her kids. Now that she’s on staff here, she says she’s really excited about new plans in store for WeeROCK, and the chance to get to know younger families at FN. Oh, and “I’m really glad to be part of the SUPER team!” she adds (and yes, the Student Ministries team really does refer to themselves that way). We’re excited to have her here!

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