Get to know: David Holsted

Last week we told you a little more about Bruce Patterson, including the fact that he is no longer serving as our facilities director here at FN so that he can spend more time working in prison ministry. But don’t worry – our facilities will still be well taken care of, thanks to the fact that David Holsted has joined our staff. We are so excited to welcome him as our new facilities director! He’ll be taking care of maintenance issues in and around our buildings, and leading the volunteer teams that clean on Saturdays and care for the grounds.

David has been at Fellowship North for about 15 years; his wife, Jennifer, works with our elementary students. They have a 10 year old son, Jackson. David has a background in construction and worked in facility management while he was in college at Ole Miss. Most recently, he worked in law enforcement. When I asked him what he was enjoying about his new job so far, he said, “well, no one has cussed at me or threatened my family this week…so it’s definitely a better environment!” On a more serious note, he said “I really enjoy working with people who believe in the mission of this church the way that I do. I enjoy seeing people get plugged into things that they are passionate about. I think, for many people growing up, they think that if you can’t sing or preach, you don’t have a role in church. This (having volunteer teams that take care of our facility) is a great way to give people that role.”

– Sarabeth Jones

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