Get to know: Jonathan Elder

Jonathan Elder recently joined our staff as part of the facilities team. He helps take care of our building, describing his job as “1/3 maintenance, 1/3 event set-up, and 1/3 cleaning.” When I talked with him, I found out that he has worked in a wide range of different jobs, even instructing aerobics in college! So I asked him what he enjoyed about this particular job and he told me that he has always enjoyed working with his hands, and that he likes being able to fix problems for people in a very practical way.

Jonathan grew up in Texarkana and has ended up here in North Little Rock with his wife of 4 months, Carissa. He came to Fellowship North through Patti Holoway, who is a lifelong friend of his mother. We are excited to have him as a part of our team, and look forward to all the ways his work will help Fellowship North live out our mission in this community. Welcome Jonathan!

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