Give, Pray, Fast: additional resources

This morning Craig touched on the topics of giving, praying, and fasting, and wanted to provide some additional resources on these practices – considered to be foundational for believers.


In a sermon series back in 2007, Craig and Harold taught about these three practices individually. You can listen to those sermons through the links below:

When You Pray – Sept. 2007 – Harold Nash

When You Fast – Sept. 2007 – Craig Loibner

When You Give – Oct. 2007 – Craig Loibner


7 – Jen Hatmaker

This is a very down to earth look at a modern-day experiment in fasting – 7 months of different fasts. A group of women worked through it together this year at FN. You can read Jen’s description of the book here, or order it here.

Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster

This classic book explains disciplines for spiritual growth in great detail, covering prayer and fasting and a number of other disciplines as well. You can order the book here.


Some articles you might enjoy reading:

7 basic steps to successful fasting & prayer – Bill Bright for Campus Crusade

Reflections on the 7 experiment at Fellowship North:

Alison Chino’s posts about food, clothes, possessions, and media.

Sarabeth Jones’s posts about food, clothes, giving away possessions, and summing it all up: provision and loss.


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