Got your number?

This Sunday we begin a new check-in and check-out procedure for all elementary students. We are making this change for one reason – the safety of our kids.  As a church, we have simply grown too large to be able to know every parent and every family situation for every child. In addition, under our old system we had no way of contacting a parent during the service if their child was sick or injured. Now, we will Imagehave an extra layer of security as well as a way to contact parents during the service if necessary.

Starting this Sunday, parents must drop off their child in his or her area, receive a number, pick that child up after the service, and return the number. No child in grades K-5 will be allowed to check in or out alone. Middle school or high school aged siblings can drop off or pick up a child up if they have the number.

For kids who are here two services, a parent should drop them off before first service and receive a number. We will transport kids to their 2nd service location.  The parent will then pick their child up after 2nd service and turn in the number.

A second safety related change we are making concerns our outside doors.  We will be locking all doors that lead from a children’s ministry area directly outside. In order to get to any children’s area, you will have to walk through the lobby.

We understand that these changes may cause you some inconvenience, but we hope that you will understand and work with us as we try to provide the safest possible environment for our kids. Please, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can contact me at or call 771-1117.  

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