Honduras – day 3

More news from Taido about the Honduras trip!

Today was our first day of working the medical brigade and it has been a long one! It started with morning devotions at 6am. Erin McGhee shared great thoughts from Jeremiah and 2 Corinthians. Breakfast was at 6:15 and we were sitting on a school bus by 7:00. The drive to the brigade site was probably 1 ½ hours away and on our way there we would pick up the various other translators and medical staff that would be helping throughout the day. We arrived at the church hosting the clinic and began to set up. The pastor and several of the church members were there to help facilitate the day.

After some introductions and prayer, work began in earnest. Several of our team members were working in the evangelism stations and for some it was their first time to both share and lead people to Christ. Several other team member worked in the children’s ministry area singing, playing, sharing their faith, then washing their hair – which one WGO staff likes to call “upside-down feet washing.” A couple other people stayed busy working the pharmacy which is really just several trunks filled with medications and vitamins. Everything was well labeled and so dispensing the meds was fairly efficient. Mark and Rob assisted with the dental stations today and lots of cavities were filled and teeth pulled. Debbie, Rebekah, and Julie worked the medical station today (and will be every  day).

It is hard really to describe all that went on. The experience is fairly overwhelming. People were waiting in a long line as we arrived and people were sent away without being seen at the end of the day. The accessibility of medical care we have back home is a luxury that these Hondurans simply don’t have.


Well like I said, we’re all pretty worn out, but very grateful to be here. I’m running out of words to describe the day. So maybe a few pictures can fill in the gaps left by my lack of words…
Taido Chino

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