Honduras trip update

We got a short note from Taido this evening and thought we would share it with you (Rancho Ebenezer is an orphanage supported by World Gospel Outreach; the team visited it today):

Howdy friends,

Just wanted you to know we’ve had a great day. Our day was spent traveling to Rancho Ebenezer and having some time there. Some of the team played soccer with the kids. We heard about the ministry that they carry out there to children. Lunch and then a tour of the facility that was cut short by a rainstorm that sort of forced us off the mountain.
A big “highlight” of the day was our bus (we are being transported in a school bus) breaking down on our way to the Ranch. It wasn’t at all dangerous, just a little inconvenient. They dispatched some vans from the Ranch and they not only brought us there but also had to drive us all the way back to the Mission House (about a 2 hour ride).
When we got home, we loaded up the cargo truck for our first day on brigade tomorrow. We’ll be heading to our first of two days at a church in the area.
Hope you are all well!

Taido Chino


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