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Ron Woolfolk

Ron is quiet and hardworking, but he’ll surprise you with his humor (and maybe a prank). Most days he’s listening to music as he keeps our facility running smoothly!

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Race Under Grace

Update: our October session is postponed. Because of the class size needed, the upcoming session of Race Under Grace is postponed until early 2019. If you’re interested in being a part of Race Under Grace at that time, please email Melia Mason at Pursuing unity is foundational to who we are Race Under Grace […]

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Camp Good Eats

Summer fun for mind, body and soul! June 1 through July 31 Camp Good Eats is happening this summer. Although this year, our methods will change, our mission has not.  We are still serving the mind, body and soul of students.  We will not be meeting in the building, but we will serve "Grab and [...] Continue Reading

But As For You: study questions for 2 Timothy

Click on a week below to expand the questions & activities for that week. Weekly QuestionsIntro LessonClick here for a PRINTABLE lesson Use these questions to prepare for the week beginning Sunday, Oct 1.  2 Timothy: an introduction Reflecting & Catching Up (Take time to reflect and/or catch up with one another) - What was something [...] Continue Reading

Believe: study questions for the gospel of John

Click on a week below to expand the questions & activities for that week. Weekly questionsJohn Lesson 1: Background and Overview Click here for a PRINTABLE VERSION. Use these questions to prepare for Sunday, Jan. 22.  The gospel of John: background and overview 1. Why do you think it is important for Christians to read the [...] Continue Reading

Melany Shelton

Melany has a great love for kids and for fun, which makes her a great coordinator for our elementary age Sunday morning activities: games, music, stories, and more.

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Diane Heffington

Diane is a compassionate, energetic leader and advocate for women and children; she serves as the team leader for Fellowship Student Ministries & Women’s Fellowship.

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