Introduce yourself

So, you want to get to know Fellowship North? We want to get to know you too! And our Introducing Fellowship Series (IFS) is the perfect way to do it. IFS serves as a first step to discovering all the in’s and out’s of our church and to becoming a member. We encourage everyone to take part in this class. This is what one of our newest members had to say about their IFS experience:

My husband, Lee, and I had been looking for a church home for about 6 months. We visited Fellowship North and agreed the Holy Spirit was at move! Instead of just observing for a couple more months, we decided to get involved. IFS was the best way to figure out where we fit in at Fellowship North. By the end, we knew exactly where we wanted to get plugged in. IFS also helped by providing ministry partners who helped get us connected.

Julia Casterline (became a member in August 2010)

Our next IFS class begins on Sunday, November 7. If you’d like to take part this time around, contact Kerri Kremer @ 771.1117.

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