more money in your pocket

[posted by Sarabeth Jones]

After Rin’s story last week, we also heard from Stacia…here’s her story!

I left the service Sunday wondering and praying! I thought — ok I have alot going on right now so how can I do this? My daughters car had broken down the Friday before. I had to get it hauled to the house. Then when Monday came I put it in the shop. That night I was led to keep $100.00 in my pocket but didn’t know who I was supposed to give it to. Well, Wednesday they called and said it would cost me $369.24 (for the car) – money I didn’t have. Ten minutes I got a phone call giving me a check for the amount it was going to cost to fix the car.

Thursday the Lord led me to give the $100.00 to a couple that is hurting, but they’re always giving to those worse off then themseleves. I went to Hallmark and bought a card on giving, put the money in it and left it in their door when they weren’t home. God is wonderful and he has provided a family church for my family and I.

Stacia Stephen

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