My Neighbor, Myself

On Sunday, after Harold’s message about loving our neighbors, we heard a poem. It was written by a young woman at Fellowship North named Caffanie Calloway, and several people requested a copy – so we are sharing it here. Thanks Caffanie!

My Neighbor, Myself

Love me, as I love you
My neighbor
For we are soul mates in Him
Broken, battered, dust specks
Kicked around like that…man
Lying, awaiting for his death
For your rib became mine
Sown together with birch and twine
Beautiful, skin-deep scar left behind
Made unique in our suffering
But One in His care
You and I, my neighbor
Have been called to share
In this darkened light
The burdens that we bare

We are of equal measure
Cups of dust spread—hand-woven
Given life to breathe
I am the ash of you, you are the ash of me
I hold your tattered hand, as you embrace
my bruised face
Loving me, as I love you
My neighbor
For we both have been risen by grace
“Do this and you will live,” Christ had said
In the midst of His reaching
For His rib became our rib, pierced
But it was He who had been left bleeding
Like that…man lying awaiting for his death

Love me, as I love you
My neighbor
No matter how hopeless it may seem
God gave us His only son
To gather our dust
And He entrusted you to me



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