new notes from Kenya

We’ve gotten some more emails from the team; here’s what Matt Miller had to say:

Hi once again,

Today was hands-down the best day yet.  I hope to briefly convey to you the miracles we witnessed with my completely inadequate words.  Today we were visiting a few schools out in the “bush,” and so though we were preparing to see some of the worst conditions, we saw a clear picture of progress and hope in many of the schools and we were encouraged so much.  We saw schools without resources of any kind.  Classrooms were not much more than hot dirt rooms filled with too many children with minimal means to be instructed.  When we arrived at these schools the children ran to great us, running and cheering alongside the vans.  The teachers literally ran out to greet us.  They were more genuine than even the best schools we had seen in days prior.  It was amazing to see these teachers welcome us into their schools, and they were so honest about the successes and their failures.  They did not try to hide their poor conditions.  Most also had a clear set of goals and methods to achieve improvement in the school.  In addition, there were parents of children that served on a sort of PTO that came to greet us.  The efforts at the schools we visited were so immense with such little resources.  The sacrifices these people made for the improvement of their children was sensational.  The teachers and children all hung on our every word as we shared encouragement and advice.  They welcomed us with dancing and gifts, without any expectation of gifts in return.  It is humbling to see these people go out of their way and give of their limited resources just to welcome our mere presence.  One teacher had remarked that his school hardly had any curriculum books and that in future years they were hoping to be helped in acquiring these resources.  It was truly an honor when the team gave each of these schools a curriculum set (grades 1-8) to assist the teachers in their instruction.  In this way, I hope this day was a miracle for them.  The principle of one of the schools had to try her hardest to keep her composure.  She had no expectation of anything else from us; she said, “the words have been taken from me.”  I could see the happiness in her eyes, and I think she was envisioning a better future for the children she cared for.

On the fun side of things, the dancing was fun to watch and at the second school we visited a Green Mamba snake interrupted the proceedings as end caused a momentary panic.  A few of us danced with the kids…and while it was fun, I really hope it doesn’t make it on You Tube.  Another couple fun facts are that we met a child named Barack Obama and some of the children said I look like President Obama…it made me laugh….they are too funny sometimes.  This is getting long so I will leave you with this and write more tomorrow. We want you to know that we all appreciate the prayers and support.

In God’s Service, Matt

And Diane Heffington, one of the team leaders, had this to share:

As we visit each school we are going to encourage our students and encourage the administration and teachers.  We are also presenting them with teacher editions for their school as a help in teaching their students.  We are also taking teacher bags for the teachers with teaching supplies.  The greatest joy the last few days has been seeing the teacher’s eyes light up with gratefulness when we presented them with these gifts.  And it is because of you, your prayer and donations that we are able to represent you and provide these wonderful aids for them.  Thank you.  Each day God is providing abundantly more than we could ask or imagine.  Everyone is doing well physically, mentally and spiritually.

We love and miss you all, Diane

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