news from Kenya (and a few pics)

When I got to work this morning I noticed a new post on Jessica Soule’s blog and I wanted to point you toward it if you haven’t read her entries yet. She begins:

asante sana is a little swahili i’ve picked up since i’ve been here. it means thank you very much. i feel like that’s all i can really say. God has shown himself to me in so many ways since i have been here. saying thank you to Him in swahili reminds me that he is the God of ALL people. He is here with me, He is here with these children, and He loves them in ways that i could never even imagine.  even when i feel like there is no way that anyone could ever love them more than i do now.

I think you’ll enjoy reading the rest of her post here.  Also, there was an email in my inbox with some pictures from Pastor Fred; thought you’d like to see them. The first two are of the team having dinner, and the third shows them in front of the new church building in Migori. Bricks for the walls are in stacks behind them covered with grass.

I’m sure this team will have many tales to tell once they return on the 12th.  We’ll get to hear some of those at our next New Community service on July 21; put it on your calendar now!


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