On Display: an arts night [May 23]

Are you an artist: a painter, photographer, writer, actor, musician, designer, filmmaker?

On Thursday, May 23, the arts team at FN will be hosting On Display, a night for artists to come together, meet each other, and share their work. We are looking for artists (high school age and up) to submit work of all types:

  • paintings, photographs, sculpture, posters for a gallery-type display
  • original written pieces to be read aloud
  • short dramatic monologues or scenes, or short films
  • original choreography
  • instrumental or vocal pieces (original or otherwise)
  • something else we haven’t thought of yet! Use your creativity…

Here’s some guidelines:

  • Theme: Your piece should relate in some way to the theme Relationships.
  • Original work: All visual art should be original, and we are also welcoming original written & musical pieces. However, you could also perform a dramatic or musical that was not written by you.
  • Length: All performance pieces should be 3-5 minutes or less.
  • Deadline: please use this form to let us know you are interested by Sunday, May 12.

We are so excited about this event and hope you will be a part of it – it’s going to be so much fun! Good things happen when artists come together – and there are so many wonderful artists here at FN. We look forward to continuing to create a diverse community, marked by encouragement, inspiration, and love.


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