On Display: the recap

The night before Memorial Day weekend, a group of artists gathered together in the Lookout and shared their work with each other: paintings, poetry, songs, stories, short films, photography. We called it On Display, and it turned out to be a wonderful night. Some of us were meeting each other for the first time, some of us came to support friends or family. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening – I think throwing creative people together in a room is a good thing, and that everyone there leaves a little inspired, a little more excited about possibilities. I wanted to share some picture from the evening, and let you know that we are planning our next On Display for August 23. We hope you’ll join us!

food-1IMG_6072caff, brit, kirkIMG_6074hannah, erin, jerm

Our contributors were:

Visual Art

 Erin Calaway, Shana Killingsworth, Peter Loibner, Aariona McCann, Jana Palmer, Kandace Parker, Kristy Smith, Anthony Valley, Stacey Valley, Kate Worrell


Erin Calaway, Caffhanie Calloway, Jonathan Elder, James Grant, Jeremy Jeffery, Kirk Kimball, Bobby Harrison, Brittany McKinney, Hannah Owens, Anthony Valley

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