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Yesterday, the teachers at Pike View had a getaway to the beach!  Well…for an hour, anyway.  It was Teacher Appreciation Week, and Fellowship North helped celebrate by hosting a lunch and taking over the classrooms for an hour.  I have to say that my personal experience was that it took the kids about 10 seconds to figure out that I wasn’t a real teacher, and barely controlled chaos ensued…but hey, if you can’t have a little bit of a wild time in the library reading a book called Armadilly Chili, when can you, right?

And overall, it was about something much bigger, anyway.  As Diane Heffington put it,

“Our goal is for Pike View to know we are here right next door and we want to do life with them and together make a difference in our neighborhood.” What a great time we had doing just that.

Alison Chino helped out and posted about the experience on her blog.  She was generous enough to let me borrow her pictures and words to reprint here:

Since it’s teacher appreciation week, I thought I should take just a minute to say that how much I LOVE the teachers at Pike View Elementary.  Pike View is right across the street from our church, and it also happens to be the school my kids attend.  Yesterday we had the amazing privilege of blessing the teachers with a luncheon at our church and since I am often searching the internet for new or creative ways of appreciating teachers, I thought I would share what we did.

Volunteers from church and PTA parents took an hour off to hang out in the classrooms with the kids so that the teachers could enjoy being away a little longer for lunch and eat all together.  Our wonderful hospitality queen at church (Rhonda) put together a team of people to serve lunch to the teachers.

The Menu

Pecan Quiche

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Mozzerella Caprese Salad

Varied Fresh Muffins


Chocolate Torte

beach towels

They decorated the tables with a summer theme, using colorful straw hats, flamingo plates and balloons, brightly colored floral arrangements and beach towels.   Each teacher got to take home their beach towel as a reminder that summer is just around the corner!  Only one month left!


Those of us in the classrooms got a chance to have a little taste of the task these teachers have before them.  I cannot imagine showing up day after day after day doing what they do!  It is amazing!

happy summer

I think they felt loved and blessed by their very short little getaway!  We love them! Yay for teachers everywhere!

Sarabeth again – We’d like to thank everyone who helped out:

At Pike View –

  • Mary McGee
  • Stacey Stoll
  • Ronda Rainey
  • Sheryl Coleman
  • Barbara Scorza
  • Jaime Grant
  • Eric Gammill
  • Kay Hogue
  • Sarabeth Jones
  • Melany Shelton
  • Sandi Williams
  • Amy Heffington
  • Tonia Heckman
  • Whitney Loibner
  • Alison Chino
  • Tanja Jameson
  • Donna Hall
  • Amy Harrison
  • Ann Wood
  • Cathy Lamb
  • Amy James
  • Carol Shaw

And serving lunch –

  • Carolyn Browning
  • Esther Crawford
  • Vicky Haralson
  • Bev Hauck
  • Alison Green (a parent from Pike View)
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