say what you need to say

posted by Sarabeth Jones

All of those wonderful 25th anniversary videos were filmed by James Grant (JPeG Productions) in one evening several weeks ago.  My job was to interview and help each person read the vision statement that we used at the end of the video.  It’s always fun to work with people on video, and this night was exceptionally so, mostly because so many of the people we had asked to participate simply had such a great sense of humor.  About the situation, about our church, and about themselves.

I really love people who can laugh at themselves.  Especially when they give you such great material for an outtake reel.  James and I looked at each other and the end of the night and said we have to do one.  Which of course means – James, will you please create yet another video in addition to the three you already agreed to create?

And what a great one he made!  Thanks James, so much.  And thanks to all our video participants for having such a great sense of humor…

We’ll let you know when we post other elements from Sunday’s celebration!  You can watch all our videos on our website or on our youtube page.

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