silence is good for the soul

Last weekend, a whole group of women stepped out of their regular weekend routine for about 24 hours…to be silent. Definitely unusual, definitely doesn’t happen all the time, definitely makes for a meaningful and special time when it does.

Women’s Fellowship has been doing this retreat for several years now, thanks to Inés McBryde. She has found that God speaks powerfully to her in silence, and so many others who have gone with her agree.

The women traveled to Spring Lake Camp, just outside of Hot Springs, a beautiful natural setting with a lake and prayer walk. At the end of their time of quiet, they came back together to share with one another. One young woman, Caffhanie Calloway, wrote a poem that she shared with the group. It encompasses much of what was said and shared in that time – so we wanted to share it with you here.

She Free
Caffhanie Calloway

She free
She wit da broken heart—mended
She wit da battered soul—tended
            Her tattered cape flapp’n
            Holey and dirty
                        Yet da King—He clapp’n
She free
She wit da bruised body—heal’n
She wit da heated stare—chill’n
            She swimm’n like dem dolphins
            Her mangled arms gettin stronger
            Needle points and razor cuts
                        The Spirit accepts hah every touch
She free
She wit da untreatable disease—surviva
She wit da unplanned baby—momma
            She smil’n thru hah tears
            She won’t give up cuz dem fears
                        Hands callused and covered in sores
                        But the Son, He love hah even more
She free
She wit da dark eyes—lighten
She wit da weakened mind—fightin’
She covered in mud
She froth wit fatigue
She crawling thru the anger, violence, and deceit
She plummets thru the ravage, the danger, and the wraith
She naked and unguarded
            All she got wit hah is faith
She hit from all angles—chest, arms, and legs
            Bleed’n from self-deception, pride, and dread
She wit da damaged armor haphazardly hang’n on
            Took that seed thru the field wit hah
Body dragg’n low—pull’n, strugglin’—strugglin’
Strength gain’n, gain’n
Love grow’n. grow’n
 She wit da exhausted state—enliven—layin flat to the dirt
            dredging to the line where love comes first
She wit hah crusted fingers—grasp’n
            Wit renewed force abound—
Securely wit’n the Hand she found

She free

(shared with permission by Caffhanie Calloway – all rights reserved).

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