the celebrate marriage challenge

Toward the end of August, a group of married couples from Fellowship North took on a challenge; a challenge to celebrate marriage. It went a little something like this: each Sunday the couple would pick up a challenge worksheet. The object was to complete as many tasks as possible (different each week). For each task completed, the couple’s name went into a drawing for a steakhouse gift certificate and also into a final drawing for the grand prize, a week in Branson. Even with great prizes, doing “tasks” may sound like “homework”. But ask any couple in the group and they’d say it was anything but. From “play board/video games with your spouse” and “go through old yearbooks or photos” to “take the 5 love languages test” and “tell your spouse specific reasons why you love them”, couples had to work to make time for the tasks but found them very rewarding. Here are some comments from the couples:


“We spent time talking about the thing that attracted us to each other as well as the things we admire about each other – that was good.”

“We really enjoyed learning (relearning) each other’s love language. It was good to hear specific ways that we can show love to each other…then actually follow through. We started off with the 5 Love Languages and almost immediately got into a deep discussion about the ways we are doing well and areas where we’re not. No matter how many times we do the love languages, we learn more about each other.”

“These challenges have been just that – CHALLENGING! But we’re learning a lot and recommitting to love each other daily.”

“We enjoyed sneaking out at 9:45 on a weeknight…giggling wondering if the store was going to be closed before we got there. It was a fun adventure.”

“Loved going back, thinking and discussing when we first dated. Made me think how far we’ve come and how much more we love one another. I thought about all the characteristics that I really love about my spouse.”

“I really enjoyed writing and receiving the sweet notes. It was a great encouragement. We laughed more this week than I remember. I’m enjoying my spouse even more.”

“Asking for each other’s prayer request was a great experience. We’ve done it in the past, but it had been a long time – too long! It’s a moment we are both open & honest – a vulnerable moment – it’s beautiful!”

“I liked finding that my spouse’s love language had changed some.”

“Probably the most impactful thing in the past year or 2 for us has been catching up on a nightly basis at the end of each day; having 20-30 minutes of relaxing time & real conversation – just being together is something we’ll NEED to hang on to for as long as possible!”


The challenge ended a week and a half ago with a group date night. The grand prize winners were announced: Ted & Stephanie Clouser!

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