The Great Giveaway

If you’ve got an elementary-aged child then you need to know about “The Great Giveaway.” It’s a chance for your kids to memorize God’s Word and share God’s love with people in need. Here’s how it works. Your child’s Small Group will choose a charity to support. Throughout the semester children can earn “coins” by memorizing scripture. In December, groups will cash in their coins to donate to their charity. Some groups may choose to visit their charity or buy something specific that their charity needs. “The Great Giveaway” kicks off September 13th. We’ll be talking about it every Sunday morning, but we need your help. Get involved by helping your kids memorize their verses. AND, if you memorize the verses with your children you can earn extra coins for their small group. Just sign their memory verse card (after you’ve memorized it, of course) and they can turn it in for an extra coin. I hope you’ll be a part of The Great Giveaway with your child. They’ll be learning God’s Word and helping people in need. Contact Jennifer Holsted at if you have any questions or if you know of a charity you would like Small Groups to consider donating to.

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