The Parent You Want To Be

In this morning’s sermon, Craig quoted 10 traits to consider as a parent from the book The Parent You Want To Be by Les & Leslie Parrott. Here they are, along with Craig’s encouragement to us: pick out one or two you are doing well on, and thank God for those. Then pick out one that you could improve on, that would make your home a better place. Ask for God’s help there.

10 Traits to Consider

Giving the praise they crave:
Being an affirming parent

Counting to ten – again:
Being a patient parent

Hearing what they don’t say:
Being an attentive parent

Ā Seeing a picture of their future:
Being a visionary parent

Building a better bond:
Being a connected parent

Commemorating milestones:
Being a celebratory parent

Keeping your word:
Being an authentic parent

Creating the safest place on earth:
Being a comforting parent

Instilling wisdom:
Being an insightful parent

Practicing the presence of God:
Being a prayerful parent

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