The Songs of Christmas: Day 25

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Merry Christmas! To celebrate, we’re publishing 2 stories today. Here’s the first – and once you’ve opened presents and had a huge meal, check back for the second!


It Proclaims…Why He Came

There is one Christmas song that to me epitomizes the essence of what these frantically bustling last days of the year are all about. It is an anthem of sorts that seems to proclaim itself. With a slow-building tumble of familiar, melodic notes, it sets the stage as it ripples beneath a historical account of the arrival of the long-awaited.

As I think about the news that carries the present-day, it reminds me of a world that is in sin and error, still…pining. The stories of mass mental illness coupled with senseless death, misconstrued faith that maims and kills, chaotic shootings of people of color, and too overly-confident political bellowing, are all symptoms of a groaning human condition.

Nevertheless, there are thrills of hope—the bright streaks of a sunrise, a stranger who inconveniences himself for some seemingly ‘unimportant’ soul…reassuring hugs from little ladies whose embraces are etched with years of hard-earned wisdom. All around us are ‘lights’ of promise that new and glorious morns are ours—if we choose to see them.

As my mind travels back to the night that rescinded mankind’s fate, I imagine tiny grains of sand swirling up from windblown footsteps—disappearing, simultaneous trails eked out by weary men. In the night sky there is a suspended swirling light leading their way. On a hillside, the twinkly glow is given over to a heavenly ensemble who startle bleating lambs as they make joyous proclamations. And somewhere…somewhere down in Bethlehem, the faint cry of a little baby boy let’s his awestruck parents know that he is, indeed, real—and they are, indeed, chosen.

As I think of our Savior emerging into this world filled with promise, each time, my own souls feels its worth, and it is something for which to rejoice—something for which I have, often, fallen on my knees. It’s the slow, building rise of this song that compels its listener to still their heart—and quiet their soul.

What is the truth of our confessions? Are we loving according to His law? Are we living according to his gospel—the gospel of peace that the shepherds heard proclaimed from on high? ‘Peace on earth,’ the hosts exclaimed. When the melody has faded, are we overtaken by oppression or the unbroken chains of mental barriers that perpetuate the heaviest of burdens? Are the free really free? And who among us are slaves…slaves to lives that fail to call upon His holy name?

Keep listening. Through the words of this song—Jesus is calling. He wants us to remember the night when God laid it all on the line; the night when the majestic was birthed amidst mediocrity; the night when the supernatural took on humankind; the night when prophecy was fulfilled; the night when hope was placed back in the cradle of the heart; the NIGHT…when Christ WAS BORN!

He came with intent. He came with purpose. He came with joy. He came with hope. He came…with US in mind. He came to SAVE. Remember this…THIS Christmas…and always. He came…Oh, yes He did. He came…and that night is celebrated to remind us that no matter what we go through, no matter how bad it ever gets…He came for you—and it was an OH…oh, so HOLY night.

Today’s story is by Melia Mason, and we’ve linked to one of her favorite Christmas songs below.


MeliaMelia says her life is a series of soundtracks and Christmastime is no different. The Peanuts jazz sampler, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder and gospel melodies, can be heard throughout the Mason household. Music paid her way through college and led her to the love of her life, Russell. Melia and Russell are both on staff at FN; she’s Adult Ministries Coordinator and he’s on the worship team. They have 3 kids: Josh, AJ, and Jon-Jon—who are also a trio of singers.

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