Tool Time [community ministry @ FN]

It’s a fact of life: things break and must be repaired. That can be annoying, and mean a trip to Home Depot or a call to a repairman. Or, it could be overwhelming, with no fix in sight. It just depends on your circumstances. That’s where Tool Time comes in!

“We basically are here to help people,” says David Holsted, “primarily folks who might be financially unable to handle home repair (elderly, single moms, or widows).” David is the staff contact for Tool Time, and he works along with lead volunteer Pat Hill to figure out how best to help people. Sometimes it’s as simple as recommending an trustworthy repairman (“People call me when they’re not sure who else to call”) and other times, a team heads over to handle the fix.

If you have some skills in construction areas – plumbing, electrical, carpentry, heat & air, painting – then Tool Time wants you as a part of their team. Members serve on an as-needed basis. Or, if you need a repair, Tool Time would love to talk with you about it and help however they can. To volunteer, or to request a repair, simply contact David Holsted at 771.1117 or by email.

Like we talked about just last Sunday in church: all of us have different gifts. Some of us can swing a hammer and some of us would be better off, well…leaving the hammers alone. Tool Time is a great ministry that matches up people who can help with others in need of their help – a wonderful picture of how we are to work together as the family of God.

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