Tyler and Chris

This summer at FN we supported several young people in mission work. Here’s a little bit about a couple of them!

Tyler Keeling and Chris Williams both worked with Fellowship Student Ministries this summer as interns. They know each other from their freshman year at Williams Baptist College. Tyler has since transferred to the U of A, but he and Chris have kept up their friendship, so they were excited to work together here at FN.

This is Chris. As he prepared to leave for his junior year at Williams, we talked about his time at FN this summer:

What was your favorite part of working here this summer?Definitely the openness of the people at church. They were so welcoming, and I really loved that.

Which trip was your favorite? The NOLA mission trip. It was so good to see kids and leaders in action, loving others.

What surprised you? How Craig Loibner is such a crazy climber – I had no idea! He’s a beast! (translation: Craig is a great climber…)

How were you challenged? I had to get out of my comfort zone – especially in speaking to the students and in leading worship. Before I have always played with the worship team, but I’ve never been the leader.

What are your plans for the future?I plan to be in ministry. I was definitely stretched by my time here at Fellowship North this summer. It was a good experience for me!

That’s Tyler on the left. We spent some time talking with him, too:

What was your favorite part of working here this summer? Hanging out with students at the crossing; leading worship.

Which trip was your favorite? Backpacking in Colorado with Craig Loibner and Diane Heffington as my leaders. (Tyler wrote all about the Colorado trip on his blog. He also wrote about the NOLA trip and what God had for him there)

What surprised you? The amount of work and planning that goes into Sunday morning services at Fellowship North (Tyler spent part of his internship working with the programming/arts team).

How were you challenged? Learning to be humble and to serve where God wants me; learning to work as part of a team – and definitely in speaking/teaching the students. I’m comfortable leading worship but I don’t usually teach.

What are your plans for the future? I’m figuring out how to be a leader; I’m willing to be wherever God puts me. Right now I’m wide open.

We certainly enjoyed having both these guys serve at FN this summer – thank you for being a part of that by supporting missions at Fellowship North!

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