We All Are One

Have you ever been listening to a sermon and thought, “Wow, this message is for me”? If you are like me, that seems to happen quite a bit, but during the Sunday, April 21 worship music I was blown away by the lyrics of “We All Are One”.

Recently I was asked by a co-worker what religion I was. I said I was raised Baptist but I currently attend a non-denominational church. He seemed surprised and asked, “What do you study?”

Now let me explain, I am not a woman of few words, especially when it comes to my faith and the bible, but for some reason I was taken aback. What did he mean “what do I study?” I shakily answered, “The Bible?” He then asked, “Yeah but what do you believe in, like what do you all have in common?” Again, I was confused and unsure of my answer, “The Lord?” He laughed and said, “Sounds cool,” and walked away.

Sounds cool?! It is cool! I was so embarrassed and my emotions were stirred up inside me. Why didn’t I have the right words to confidently express what Fellowship North is all about? Fast forward now to Sunday morning and hearing the wonderful lyrics “tell me can you hear the sound, divided walls are falling down. Loving God and loving man, holding up each others hand. Differences tolerated, starting bonds of unity, showing all the world we are free.”

I will definitely know what to say next time.

We All Are One

Listen can I have your ear
Everybody gather near
Can I ask a question now
Can somebody tell me how
How we got so separated
How we got so torn apart
When did we become divided
Tell me now, how did it start

Some are Episcopalian, Church of God, Lutheran, COGC, Presbyterian,
Gospel, and the CCN, Baptist and Methodist, Oneness and The Trinity

and we all are one
we all are one my brothers
and we all are one my sisters
and we all are one together
one in the Lord

Can we learn to love , (yes), without prejudice, ( yes)
Can we learn to live, (yes), with togetherness
Are we one united, (yes we are), are we undivided, (yes we are),
Are we past the past, (yes we are), are we free at last, (yeaaaa…)

Tell me can you hear the sound
Divided walls are falling down
Loving god and loving man
Holding up each others hand
Differences are tolerated
Starting bonds of unity
Showing all the world we are free

and we all are one
we all are one my brothers
and we all are one my sisters
and we all are one together
one in the Lord


Jennifer Williams bio picJennifer Williams is a new member of Fellowship North and has been actively attending service for the past six months.  She is a resident of North Little Rock and is the Sr. Human Resources Generalist for Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health.  When she’s not busy planning for her upcoming wedding she is spending her time outdoors, with family and friends, and strengthening her relationship with God. 


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