While We Wait: Day 15

Each day during Advent, we will post some sort of reflection having to do with waiting, anticipation, hope. Each one will be different, each one a chance to pause and take a breath during this busy season. Past posts are archived here.


If I’m being really honest, my first thoughts of Christmas are not those of excitement, or anticipation, or awe. Truth is, I am more likely to be thinking of all the added pressures to my already hectic schedule. The gifts to buy, the tree to decorate, all the extra events to coordinate are just more plates for me to keep spinning.

Thankfully, in the midst of my “spinning” God whispers my name and quietly calls me to Him, asking me to be still for a moment and just sit with Him…Through the beautiful Christmas music all around I am reminded of the Savior born to us long ago. Through the sparkling of the sun across the ice and snow, I see a glimpse of what I imagine the Glory of God and heaven to look like. Through the excitement of my children as they anticipate Christmas, and presents of course, I remember the greatest present we can ever receive is Jesus.

In these moments, God reminds me of his unconditional, sacrificial love for me and the world, and then, the awe and wonder of it begins. It’s amazing, right? Jesus really came, just like God promised… Emmanuel, God with us. And that’s not all of it, he promised that he’s coming back! The promise of Heaven and the Kingdom of God! It’s hard to wrap my brain around, but more than my brain, I want my heart to understand…and believe.

What do I put my hope in? I heard it explained recently that God has set eternity in our hearts. That each of us has been given a “Kingdom heart.” That the things we love, the beauty we long for, our favorite places, people and experiences are all telling us about the Kingdom, giving us a taste of what will be ours. Do I hope in the Kingdom? Yes, without even realizing it, I do… my Kingdom heart beats at the beauty of a sunset, the sound of birds singing in the morning, the thrill of riding a spirited horse with a mind of its own, and the touch of a loved one near. My kingdom heart also tells me that “good bye” is not spoken in heaven, that no loss is forever for those living in the Kingdom of God… death has lost its sting… I WILL see my dad again, and the child that we miscarried and my dear friend who died too young, and best of all: the one who knows me completely, the lover of my soul, Jesus! This is where my hope lies, in His kingdom and the renewal of all things. What are you hoping in this Christmas season?


Speak to our hearts, Jesus… rescue us with your hope. May we set our hearts fully on your return. Bring your Kingdom soon, and restore your rule on earth as it is in heaven. Glory to God in the highest!


Nancy Powell img2Today’s post is by Nancy Powell.

I have been at FN for 28 yrs. I was invited by my YoungLife leader, Ann Denny. My parents followed soon after, curious about the church I was attending voluntarily. I have grown up here, much of the time just hiding out in the pews. God has faithfully met me here. I love this place! I met my husband Greg here and we have been blessed with two beautiful young kids. I am a nurse part-time and a mom full-time. My favorite art is God’s canvas, creation itself. I love outdoor adventures and sharing them with my family and friends.

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