While We Wait: Day 6

Wikipedia’s page on “anticipation” describes anticipation as “an emotion involving pleasure, excitement, and sometimes anxiety in considering some expected or longed-for good event.”




If I asked which feeling was preferable, I’m sure very few would voluntarily pick anxiety while you wait for your good event! It’s true that feeling anxious can represent positive emotions like enthusiasm and eagerness, yet more often than not, it represents things like worry, restlessness and impatience.

If so few of us would voluntarily pick anxiety over pleasure and excitement, why is it that we spend so much of the holiday season filled with anxious anticipation? Is the Christmas shopping completed? Has the menu been decided? How much longer are we going to have to stand in line for a picture with Santa? If the cat climbs up the Christmas tree ONE MORE TIME….!!!

It’s very easy to get lost in apprehension and concern during such a busy season. As Christians, I don’t think we necessarily forget “the reason for the season” but we definitely let that third pesky feeling get in the way of the first two: pleasure and excitement. So how can we, as Christians, combat the negative aspects creeping in and keep our focus on what is truly important? Go To God.

The best and most effective way to calm your nerves and focus on what is important is to be with your Father. Remind yourself that God’s intended purpose for sending Jesus was not to create an elaborate Christmas celebration, but to redeem us from our sins and promise us everlasting life. When you fall into the stressful trap of Black Friday sales, holiday planning, and gift wrapping, go to God and ask for his guidance and clarification; He will surely honor your efforts to keep the focus where it belongs.


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Jennifer Williams lives in North Little Rock and is the Sr. Human Resources Generalist for Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health.  When she’s not busy planning for her upcoming wedding she is spending her time outdoors, with family and friends, and strengthening her relationship with God. 

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