You’ve got mail! Updates from India (and America!)

We’ve gotten a couple of letters from people that Fellowship North supports in mission work; it’s so good to hear what’s going on! The first is from The Love and Hope Children’s Home in Orissa, India. You might remember their story from December.


Dear friends of the children’s home,

We hope that you are doing well.  We would like to inform you about some important events that have recently been happening in the children’s home.

On 25th of April the main caretakers of the children’s home had to leave the children’s home.  Their standard of care for the children was simply not matching with our standard, so we had to ask them to leave.

We have not found a new couple yet, but we are still searching and hoping that God will bring us the right couple who has a heart for these special children.  This is a big task and not everybody is able to live up to this task.  Suneli [who heads up the home] has talked with a candidate couple who seem to be very suitable. They are currently praying about it. Please pray for this important matter.

Sarada, the widow who is the manager of the children’s home, is working as the main caretaker of the children’s home till we find a new couple.  Later on she will continue to work for us, but not live with the kids. The kids are very happy with Sarada and many things have changed there in a positive way.

Probilo Digal, a 14 year old boy was diagnosed some months ago with Hepatitis B.  He was very sick; the doctor put him in a strict diet and said that he will be chronically ill and that he will have to live in a strict diet all his life.  At the beginning of May, Sarada and the kids prayed over Probilo and interceded for him to get healed.  He started to feel better immediately and when he went for the next doctor appointment, the doctor confirmed that he is completely healed!!!  Praise God!!!  He is Yahweh Rafah, the healer!

We have opened the doors of the children’s home to a mentally handicapped lady who is a cousin of Suneli.  She has no parents and has been abused and misused several times.  She is 34 years old; her name is Mira.  She has been coming at the door of the children’s home crying for help, begging for food, and asking for help to get a refuge there.  We decided to let her come and have a refuge in the children’s home and help the cook who is at the moment pregnant and needs help. She is helping in the kitchen and cleaning in the house.  The kids sometimes are mocking her, because she does not talk, but the staff people are training the children to treat her with respect.

The construction work still goes on there.  The staff finds it hard with the natives who are not doing good construction work because of lack of responsibility and reliability.  In this part of India things progress very slowly. There is a big power struggle going on with the guy who is still supposed to deliver us 10 more beds.   He has been paid 75% of the amount and he just does not want to stick to his promise.  We need prayers, because it is really hard to pursue him to continue to produce the rest of the beds we need.  Currently, we have received only 28 beds.

Darryl Taylor, a believer and a passionate follower of Jesus from New Zealand who lives in Basel, contacted us in the end of April to say that God calls him to go to the children’s home to help there for 3 weeks. He has done a tremendous work in the children’s home during the last three weeks.  We are very happy that God is really faithful and knows what and who is really needed there at such a time as this.


ALSO: Walt and Annie Manis, who are the missionaries that introduced us to the Love and Hope Children’s Home, also have some news – they are back in America for a year! They have a lot going on, and would love for you to read their full update here.

We are so grateful to be connected to believers all over the world in the work that God is doing. It’s good to hear what’s going on!

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